Task scheduling for mobile personnel to optimize your technicians’, sales representatives’ and engineers’ routes.

Manage your mobile personnel better for increased productivity

Traveling personnel, delivery man, engineer on call-out, etc. – it helps when you can assign the appropriate field resources to each job to be done. Decisions are taken on the basis of priorities, skills, nearness and availability. Field force management should be integrated into your fleet management strategy.

  • The working hours management modules and reports allow you to analyze and cut down the non-productive time.
  • The working hours reports do away with the paperwork and cut the time spent on encoding jobs.
  • Real time communication sends the right data to the right people.
  • The field personnel are punctual, kept directly informed about jobs to be done, and are focused on their targets.


Decision optimization tools to:

  • organize journeys and pick-up and distribution routes
  • enable instant communication with teams in the field
  • analyze effective performance via job reports and tasks completed
  • make comparisons with previous report

Operational optimization tools to:

  • send back field data in real time
  • create a geographic planning optimization module that works alongside your management tools (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • assign tasks according to location and skills, priorities and the resources necessary to successfully complete the job (dynamic routing)
  • send event alerts
  • optimize field staff’s routes and rationalize their activities (working time, mileage, service)
  • prepare schedules and routing orders according to personal management rules


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