Telefleet: unit geolocation

Telefleet is a vehicle geolocation solution that enables your business to check on, control and ensure the safety of its mobile assets: vehicles, plant, people.

  • Jobs/Mobility
  • Fuel/consumption
  • Speeding
  • Cost management
  • Dashboard
  • Diagnostics
  • Safety
  • IoT
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Drivexpert: driving efficiency

Drivexpert is a tool for analyzing driving efficiency and describing the driver’s behavior and habits. What’s the aim? Striving for eco-friendly driving.


  • UBI (Usage Based Insurance)
  • Driving analysis
  • Driver’s DNA
  • Savings generated by responsible driving
  • Eco-friendly driving
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Geoplanning: geographic planning

Geoplanning is a geographic planning tool for optimizing and planning field resources and enhancing customer service quality.

  • Optimizing rounds
  • Planning
  • Real time routing and task assignment
  • Job management
  • Communicating with teams
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Modular solutions

Our areas of expertise are centered around vehicles, objects and users with the focus on safety, diagnostics, planning, maintenance, geolocation and driving behavior.

Our aim is to provide an amazingly clear view of the fleet for agile, customer-oriented management.

Our telematics expertise spans a number of areas. Have a look at what we can do to help produce your customized product and put business intelligence tools in place:

  • Passenger transport, counting, managing early/late running
  • RFID coupling
  • Object management
  • Refrigerated transport, controlled temperature and humidity
  • Job mobility solutions, Checkin @ Work
  • Fuel management (transport, tank)
  • busCan
  • Spreading solution
  • IoT and connected services


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