Telefleet is a vehicle geolocation solution that enables your business to check on, control and ensure the safety of its mobile assets: vehicles, plant, people.


Key benefits offered by Telefleet for fleet and field force management:

Being closer to your field force, your productivity will improve rapidly, use of your vehicles will be objectivized and the quality of your services will be enhanced. Rapid, proven return on investment.

  • Security of vehicles and plant

  • Increased productivity for your business

  • Enhanced quality of services

  • Objectivized use  of vehicles

  • Lower overheads

  • Preventive maintenance management

  • Automation of manual processes

  • Compliance with legal provisions

Tools available to the fleet manager

  • Real time view of mobile assets

  • Alarm notifications

  • Powerful reports module: Create your own reports, choice of a number of options (Xls, PDF, column layout, date filters, etc.)

  • More than 60 reports available in the following categories:

  • Alarms

  • Personnel

  • Fuel

  • Costs

  • Use

  • Diagnostics

  • Driving behavior

  • Call

  • Activity

  • Dashboards with integrated reports

  • Personnel management module, task logging, job management

Who is geolocalisation for?

  • Transport operators

  • Public services

  • Maintenance, after-sales service, breakdown, technical, pick-up and other service providers

  • Road and sea transport 

  • Construction/civil engineering



As a vehicle, property and people geolocation solution, Telefleet is a web platform which is:

  • secure (SaaS), available in several languages

  • accessible via a computer, smartphone or tablet

  • available as a white labelled version that can be customized according to the partner’s brand identity

  • endowed with functions enabling it to be adapted to niches or specific sectors

  • adaptable and customizable, with scope for specific developments to meet the particular requirements of the trade or sector

  • updated each month to keep pace with the user community’s requirements.

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