01/10/2021 A renewed ISO27001 certificat for users satisfaction

Technology is constantly evolving. While advances in software, hardware and connectivity may offer efficiencies and opportunities that we could not have dreamed of just a decade ago, this rapid evolution is a real challenge for businesses and for us Actia Telematics Services.

An integrated quality and safety approach
The way we manage a network, our infra and the data is essential to our success. Our challenge is to maintain an operational, compliant and secure IT infrastructure, via:

  • a proactive approach and remote monitoring in a preventive manner to detect and prevent problems before a crisis situation causes downtime or loss of data.
  • Fully realized disaster recovery plans that include regular onsite and offsite backups are essential.
  • a commitment from our suppliers to the same approach of high availability and security.
  • an approach based on the financial benefits of reliable security, regulatory compliance, reduced downtime and disaster prevention.

ATS also took the step, in 2012, to opt for a strategy based on continuous improvement. This commitment and ISO9001 certification provide our teams with day-to-day management of activities by process and oversee growth in a structured, agile and compliant manner for all of our stakeholders. 

All these factors are part of our information security management system and business continuity management that we have implemented in specific and audited policies in accordance with the international standard ISO / IEC 27001: 2013.
ATS has been ISO27001 certified since 2018 and we have just obtained the renewal of our IS27001 certification for the next 3 years. 

One goal: protect our users
Customers and users who use SaaS technologies to manage data critical to their business success demand the highest standards of reliability and security. ISO27001 certification is recognized as being the most rigorous standard in terms of information security, guaranteeing, for the certified, the existence of processes of a very high level of quality. This allows the identification and prevention of all the risks related to IT security.
Your customers can rest assured that their data are safe. They are thus in compliance with the laws and conventions protecting privacy, such as those on the protection of personal data and their confidentiality.

If you want to know more about the mastery of our processes and the excellence of our SaaS architecture, please do not hesitate to contact sarah.laval@actia.be


13/07/2021 ATS recrute!

Notre équipe à besoin de s'agrandir. On cherche un agent Customer Care et un Développeur Java expérimenté.

Consulter les offres d'emploi


09/02/2021 ATS recrute!

La crise Covid ne nous fait pas peur. Notre équipe, en partie confinée, souhaite s’agrandir. Tu es développeur Java ou Business Analyst en quête d’un nouveau challenge? Postule au plus vite.

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15/04/2020 Do not say Market-Ip anymore!

Since 2001, MIP is developing innovative software solutions to optimize remote and mobile activities.
Managed by Arnaud Storder who is supported by an experienced and motivated team
Today, nothing changes
  • Same strategy
  • Same focus
  • Same management and same team.
Just do not say Market-Ip anymore….We are now officially Actia Telematics Services.
We are the Belgian subsidiary of Actia Group, an international leader company specialized in on-board electronics for vehicles.
Keep in mind :
  • A.T.S. or Actia Telematics Services
  • www.Actia.be
  • same address (chée de Marche 774 B 5100 Naninne – BELGIUM)
  • same phone number +32 81 33 11 11
  • same company number
Due to Covid-19, we are teleworking and organizing the continuity of our activities.
Thanks to contact us by mail!
Take care.
The A.T.S. Team


12/02/2019 Market-IP is named Trends Gazelles 2019

For the 2 nd year Market-IP is part of the 2019 ranking of Trends Gazelles in the SMEs category!

The Gazelles are chosen not on the basis of a submission but on the basis of real growth figures over the past five years (balance sheets): growth in turnover, staff and cash flow, among the top 100,000 Belgian companies. This means that we are among the 200 companies and the first 2000 that have experienced the best growth in the last four years.

This is a significant award for Market-IP and his team




28/12/2018 An ISO27001 certified company

Data security is becoming a major topic for everyone. Through this certification, Market-IP shows its risks awareness weighing on their sensitive data, that they are taken into account and that Market-IP protects itself.

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a set of policies, procedures, processes, and risk management systems for information, cyber attacks, hacking, leaks, and/or data theft.
Market-IP's security policy provides management guidance and guidance to enhance the security of data, developments and IT assets (systems and processes):
  • Securing the Organization: Facilitating Information Security Management within Market-IP.
  • Classify and control assets: list assets and protect them effectively.
  • Staff security: reduce the risk of human error, theft, fraud or misuse of equipment.
  • Physical and Environmental Security: Prevent the violation, deterioration and disruption of industrial facilities and data.
The security criteria are:
  • Confidentiality: access and consultation of data is only available to authorized persons.
  • Integrity: ensuring the accuracy of information, its completeness and the methods of treatment that allow access to it.
  • Availability: the information is available according to the needs of the company and is saved safely.
In addition to ISO 9001-2015, this new ISO27001-2013 certification demonstrates that the user, its data and the quality of our applications are at the center of our strategy.
To learn more about Market-IP certifications, contact Quality@Market-IP.com


12/11/2018 Market-IP is hiring developers

Are you enthusiastic about IT and new technologies? Join our team and use your talents! Become part of a fast-growing company that designs innovative products in the field of mobility.
Market-IP is hiring experienced software developers and business analyst to work on product developments.

Want to find out more about the profile sought, the benefits offered and the means of applying?

12/02/2018 Market-IP is named Trends Gazelles 2018, small businesses category, Province of Namur.

The Gazelles are chosen not on the basis of a submission but on the basis of real growth figures over the past five years (balance sheets): growth in turnover, staff and cash flow, among the top 100,000 Belgian companies.

This is a significant award for Market-IP, which is boosting its motivated and agile team by currently taking on five developers to speed up its growth. If you know any developers who wish to give free rein to their talents in a little gem in Namur, pass on the message!

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12/01/2018 Market-IP obtains ISO 9001-2015 re-certification

With its ISO 9001:20015 re-certification, Market-IP shows its desire to offer services backed up by constantly developing processes and demonstrates its commitment to the highest possible quality standards which its customers deserve!

For more information quality@market-ip.com