Remote vehicle diagnostics supplies you, regularly and automatically, with vehicle use data such as mileage, along with mechanical and safety alerts.



Vehicle maintenance and the need to put proper maintenance procedures in place are both essential for optimizing safety at the wheel and organizing activities.

Servicing and reducing costs

By putting a preventive maintenance program in place and by analyzing the alarms set on the vehicle sensors you will reduce costs: general maintenance, running, insurance, vehicle downtime, fuel consumption, and so forth. This will enable you to increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Maintenance and enhancing safety

The safety of the driver, passengers and road users is improved, as is the vehicle’s roadworthiness. You can rest assured that your vehicles, and consequently your business, comply with the regulations in force.


​Vehicles that are regularly maintained are:

  • much more reliable
  • more profitable: quick, frequent inspections help to save fuel and improve efficiency
  • less dangerous for drivers as the wear is reduced
  • less likely to break down or be involved in a collision
  • likely to have a better residual value
  • a factor in growing your business: you have an efficient fleet, your customers are satisfied and your reputation benefits.


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