Drivexpert is a tool for analyzing driving efficiency and describing the driver’s behavior and habits. What’s the aim? Striving for eco-friendly driving.

Key benefits provided by Drivexpert

Contributes to developing eco-friendly, responsible and economical driving

  • Eco-friendly, responsible driving: rationalize costs and reduce the environmental impact
  • Safety: save lives and reduce accident risks
  • Image: project a friendly image by reducing your CO2 footprint

Reflects the driver’s DNA

  • Data analysis chart showing driver profiles and providing information about the vehicle and the driver
  • Score for each driver, user group and whole fleet
  • Overall view of relevant information


  • Fewer accidents
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Increased vehicle residual life
  • Investment pays off in 3 to 6 months

Tools available to the manager

  • Safety scores
  • CO2 scores
  • Numerous charts
  • Score trends by vehicle, driver or period
  • Reports module
  • Alarm notifications


As a driving efficiency analysis and description solution, Drivexpert is a platform which is:  

  • secure (SaaS), available in several languages

  • accessible via a computer, smartphone or tablet

  • available as a white labelled version that can be customized according to the integrator’s identity

  • endowed with functions, adaptable to niches or specific sectors

  • adaptable and customizable, with scope for specific developments to meet the particular requirements of the trade or sector

  • updated each month to keep pace with the user community’s requirements


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